The Agent and Member Field Editors are  basically the same for Editing or Adding a field. The only difference will be when editing you'll already have information in the fields and will have the Update & Delete buttons and when adding you will only have an Add Field button. Edit an existing field by selecting it from the pulldown menu selection.

Field Name - This is the name of the field as it will be stored in the database.

Field Type - The Type of field that this is. (Text, Textarea, select list, select box, etc....)

Required - Is this field required to be filled out?

Field Caption - The Caption for the field that will be displayed to users.

Field Elements - The choices for multiple selection Field Types such as select lists, option boxes etc. Each choice should be separated by double pipes (||) Do not use spaces or returns after each option, run them all together as one line.


Option 1||Option 2||Option 3||Option 4||Option 5

Default Text - The Default text to be displayed in this field.

Field Tool Tip - Adds a tool tip to the add/edit user pages for the field.

Field Order on Listing Page - The order in which the Agent fields should be displayed.

Show Field to - Use this option to restrict who can see this field. If you have a field you only wish other Agents to see, you would select "Agents Only" so that only logged in agents will see this field.

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