Starting with Open-Realty v3.0.4, a programming API has been available for use to access and modify listing and other data. We will be expanding the API to cover all of the core functionality of Open-Realty over time.

Like any modern API, Open-Realty's makes extensive use of variable arrays to store and manipulate information. If you use an API function to request information you will interact with it using one or more arrays, and it is going to return one or more arrays of results/information back to you which you will can then parse for your needs. Arrays can be compared, flipped, ordered, pruned, sorted, and manipulated in all sorts of useful ways.

Useful info regarding PHP arrays, and multi-dimensional arrays, and PHP array functions:

When working with arrays, especially multi-dimensional arrays it is often necessary to view the contents. print_r($array); and other usual methods to view them alone can leave much to be desired in terms of legibility. A simple way to make the contents of an array more legible when viewing the contents follows and is used in several of the API method examples and is useful for viewing any array.


       // format and output the contents of the $result array so the keys

       // and values are legible.

       echo '<pre>';


       echo '</pre>';


If you ever want to know what is being returned by an API method so you can view available keys, values or etc, simply use the above to view your $result array.

You can learn how to invoke the Open-Realty API for use locally or remotely from external web sites and view a full list of all API Commands, and their methods in the next sub-sections of this documentation.

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