This tab displays a list of currently available COMMERCIAL Add-on listings from the Open-Realty Add-Ons site.

      1. Clipboard - View add-on Page - Displays the full details of the add-on listing from the Open-Realty add-ons site.
      2. Dollar Sign ($) - Purchase - Opens a new browser window and takes the user to the purchase page for the add-on to complete the purchase.

Show add-ons not listed as compatible with your OR version - By default the Add-On Manager will only display add-ons that are listed as being compatible with your version of Open-Realty. Checking this option will display ALL add-ons even if they are not listed as being compatible with your installed OR version. Some add-ons may create problems if they are not fully compatible with your version of OR, while some may function without any issues. Use caution if using an untested add-on with your site.