Username:The username that was chosen when the account was created. Used for logging into the site. This cannot be changed.

First Name: The user's First name

Last Name: The user's Last name

Email: The user's email address where they will receive information, leads, and notifications from the OR site.

Last Modified:  The last date the user account was modified.

Password: Used to change the account password for logging into the administration area. Must be verified via the next field.

Password (Again): Re-enter the password used in the 'Password' field above to verify your intention to change it.

Is User Active: Used to change the status of the user to Active (yes) or inactive (no). Note: you will be prompted whether or not to also set the Agent listings (if any) to be inactive as well.

Is an Admin:  Displays if the user was set to be an Admin when it was created. This cannot be modified.

Is an Agent: Displays if the user was set to be an Agent when it was created. This cannot be modified.

Send notifications to the floor agent: If set to "Yes" any leads generated by the contact forms that would normally be sent to this Agent will be sent to the Floor Agent  that is set in Site Config instead.

Limit # of Listings: Sets the maximum number of listings the Agent can create. A value of -1 = unlimited.

Limit # of Featured Listings: Sets the maximum number of the Agent's listings that be be set to be featured. A value of -1 = unlimited.

Display order: Sets the display order or rank that this Agent appears on the public 'View Agents'. 1 = first, 2 = second and etc. Setting this to a value of 0 (zero) will hide the Agent from being displayed on the 'View Agents' page.

Can Edit other Agents listings: Permission needed to edit other Agent's listings.

Can Edit other users: Permission needed to edit other users.

Can Edit Site Config:  Permission needed to access and modify settings in Site Config.

Can Edit Member Template: Permission needed to access the Member Field Editor.

Can Edit Agent Template:  Permission needed to access the Agent Field Editor.

Can Edit Listing Template: Permission needed to access the Listing Field Editor.

Can the Agent edit property classes:  Permission needed to edit OR property Classes.

Can View Logs:  Permission needed to view OR activity logs.

Is a Moderator: When set to "Yes", the Agent can also change the active/inactive status of any listing they have permission to edit. 'Moderate Listings' must also be set to "yes" in Site Config under the Listings tab.

Feature Listings:  Permission needed to set featured Listings.

Can edit pages:  Permission needed to edit Page Editor pages.

Can have vtours:  Permission needed to upload vtours to listings.

Can have listing files:  Permission needed to upload files to listings.

Can have user files: Permission needed to upload files to user profile.

Can Edit Listing Expiration: Permission needed to set listing expirations.

Blogging Privileges: Permission needed to use the Blog publisher

Can Manage add-ons: Permission needed to use and access the Add-on Manager

Can Export Listings: If "Allow Listing Export" is set to "yes" in Site Config under the Listings tab, and the Agent has this privilege also set to yes, they will see an option when editing a listing to mark it for export yes/no. Open-Realty does not provide ann actual export mechanism, this feature is intended for third party developers to use for exporting listings from Open-Realty to other applications or other Open-Realty sites.

Can Edit other user's leads: Permission needed to edit Page Editor pages

Can Edit Lead Form Template:  Permission needed to edit the Lead Forms

The User Fields are created and managed via the Agent Field Editor (Agents) or the Member Field Editor (Members). For Agents, this information is displayed on the public 'View Agent' page using the {user_display_info} template tag. On the 'View Agents' page these fields can be  individually displayed using the {agent_field_FIELDNAME} template tags.


Deleting an Agent user will also delete ALL of that Agent's listings. Use with caution as this is not reversible.

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