Field Name - This is the name of the field as it will be stored in the database.

Field Caption - The Caption (friendly name) for the field that will be displayed to users.

Required - Is this field required to be filled out?

Field Type - The Type of field that this is. Affects the Add listing and Edit listing forms that Agents/users fill out.

Field Elements - The choices for multiple selection Field Types such as select lists, option boxes etc. Each choice should be separated by double pipes (||) Do not use spaces or returns after each option, run them all together as one line. For example: Option 1||Option 2||Option 3||Option 4

Default Text - The Default text to be displayed in this field

Field Tool Tip - Add a tool tip to the field that will display a question mark icon next to the field in the listing editor/add listing page so users can click on the icon and obtain information/tips regarding completing the field.

Maximum Field Length - Configure the maximum number of characters that can be entered into the field.

Field Tool Tip - Adds a tool tip to the add/edit listing pages for the field. (note: requires new css settings.

Maximum Field Length - Maximum number of characters that can be entered into this field. Applies to text, price, url, email, number, latitude, longitude, and decimal field types.

Show Field to - Use this option to restrict who will see this field. If you have the field set to display on your site using one of the template areas or individual field rending template tags then this will determine who will see this field. Available options are:

Available in the following property classes - Use this option to select which property classes this field will be available in. You can select multiple classes by clicking and dragging or by holding down the "Ctrl" key while clicking.

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