Open-Realty is produced and owned by Transparent Technologies Inc. and is offered for use under the Transparent Technologies Commercial Software agreement. This is a commercial software license and not a Free Software, FOSS,  GPL (or similar) license. As such, you may not redistribute Open-Realty without permission, and Open-Realty v3 cannot be provided as an automated installable option or be pre-installed with 3rd party web hosting.

Open-Realty® Registered Trademark usage:

      Open-Realty® is a registered trademark of Transparent Technologies, Inc. The use of our trademark by web sites offering Open-Realty templates and add-ons is permitted, provided that the following conditions are always strictly met.

  1. Display of our trademark is used only in it's proper form exactly: "Open-Realty®"

  2. The following statement and link is always displayed on all pages which display our trademark:

Open-Realty® is a registered trademark of Transparent Technologies, Inc.

  3. The use of our trademark in no way implies that any templates, add-ons, services, or any other items provided by any third party are supported or approved by Transparent Technologies, Inc.

       4. To comply with #3 it is advisable that you add text to your site or materials that clearly states that you do not make Open-Realty® and are not affiliated with Transparent Technologies in any way to eliminate potential confusion and liability.

      All other uses of our trademark are prohibited without the express written permission of Transparent Technologies, Inc.

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