These Templates are used when a site visitor views a listing. The template file being used is determined by the site Administrator via Site Config: template tab. Any template named listing_detail_NAME.html will be displayed as an available template in Site Config.

The following template files have  a large number of tags available for use, see the Listing Detail Template Tags page for available tags.

1. listing_detail_default.html - This is the default listing detail template.

2. listing_detail_mainjavacolumn.html - This is the Listing detail with Java Image with thumbnails in columns.

3. listing_detail_slideshow.html - This is the Listing detail with Slideshow.

4. listing_detail_mainjavarows.html - This is the Listing detail with Java Image with thumbnails in rows.

5. listing_detail_tabbed.html - This is the Listing detail template with all the elements laid-out using Tabs.


6. listing_detail_pclass#.html - This is an optional listing detail template based on the property class where the # is the property class ID. If you create a listing detail template with this naming for a specific property class then it will be used for listings in that property class, overriding your listing detail setting in the site config. When a template doesn't exist for a specific property class the setting in the site config will be used.

For example, if you have the following property classes setup in OR with the following class ID#s:

Residential = 1

Land = 2

Commercial = 3

Multifamily= 4

If you want different listing details pages for each class your template files would need to be named as follows:

listing_detail_pclass1.html  (Residential)

listing_detail_pclass2.html  (Land)

listing_detail_pclass3.html  (Commercial)

listing_detail_pclass4.html  (Multifamily)