This template is used to control the layout of the listings notification email that is sent out by Open-Realty's listing notification system. The listing notification emails are sent out to make any Members who have saved searches aware of newly added listings that match their criteria.

You can trigger the sending of the notification emails manually from the or administration area via:


The Listings Notification system is intended to be automated via a CRON job. See the Listings Notification topic in the "Automating Tasks" section of this documentation for instructions on setting up CRON jobs for the Listings Notifications.

Which Notify Listings Template to be used is determined by the site configuration. Any template named notify_listings_UNIQUENAME.html will be shown as an option for selection in Site Configuration.

1. notify_listings_default.html - This is the default listings notification template OR will use unless you create a custom version in your custom template folder.

Note: Since the contents of this template will be sent to an email client and not a regular HTML web browser, any CSS styling done in this template should be performed inline. Custom designs should take into account that some email software cannot load external CSS files, and may have limited HTML capability overall.

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