(added in v3.2.10)

after_new_media($mediainfo) - This hook function is called after a new media item (photo, file, vtour) is uploaded/created for a user or listing.

before_media_delete($mediainfo) - This hook function is called before a media item is deleted.

after_media_delete($mediainfo) - This hook function is called after a media item is deleted.

$mediainfo is an array, and contains 3 keys:

$mediainfo['file_name'] - (TEXT) - The name of the media file.

$mediainfo['media_type'] - (TEXT) - type of media file. One of 5 possible types:






$mediainfo['media_parent_id']-  (INT) - Numeric listing ID# or user ID# (whichever is applicable)  of the listing or user the media belongs to.

Note: linked (remote) listing photos will contain http:// or https:// full URLs as their file_name. Locally stored photos will return their file name only with no path information. Do not echo or print any results from your script except for debugging purposes, that will otherwise break the expected json return codes in the Media widget making it appear broken. Send any absolutely necessary output to the OR activity log instead. Return NULL in your function when completed.


... other php code ...

return NULL;