The Property Class Editor is is used to add or edit the property classes that are available.

Property Classes allow for the separation of listings into "types" such as Residential, Commercial, Land and etc. Fields defined in the Listing Field Editor can be assigned to specific property classes. As an example, if you were listing both cars and houses for sale you can have a property class for Homes and one for Cars and assign fields such as Make, Model, and VIN for use in the Car property class and fields like Sq. Feet and Bedrooms to the Homes class. These fields will only be displayed for listings that belong to the specified property class.

If you don't wish to utilize the property class system, you can remove all but one property class, and use the single property class for all your listing fields. Open-Realty® will use the single class by default, bypassing the property class selection when searching or creating listings.

Class ID - Internal Open-Realty class identifier.

Class Name - Displays the name of the property class.

Class Rank- Displays the rank of the property class. This value determines the order in which classes display.

Action: Edit- Click to edit/modify the property class.

Action: Delete - Click to delete the property class

Insert a New Property Class - Click this button to create a new Property Class.

CAUTION:Deleting a property class will permanently delete any listings that were assigned to that class.