Display on Search Page - Check this option to make the field searchable

Field Order on Search Page - The rank of this field on the Search page, the lower the number the higher on the list of options it will appear (1= first).  In cases where two fields on the Search Page have the same Field Order, OR will arrange alphabetically using the Field Name.

Search Label - The label (caption) for this field that will appear on the Search Page. The name you want site visitors to see.

Search Type - The type of search field that should be used for this field, available options:

++ Step by - If you used a range selection for the Search Type then this is the value to step or increment each available option in the range selection.

Note: Open-Realty by default uses the lowest value in the database and highest value in the database foe the field as the lower and upper bounds for a min/max search, and then uses the step value as the value to increment the options by.

Assuming a "price" field example, if the lowest priced listing in OR is 500 and the highest priced is 1000 and you enter a ++ Step by: value of 100, you will end up with the following increments:

500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000

For performance reasons, there is a limit to how many incremental steps Open-Realty will build. This limit is controlled via Site Config, (see: Listings tab Max Min/Max Steps) and this defaults to a max of 100 steps or increments. If you choose a step value that would result in more then the defined number of "Max Min/Max Steps" steps being generated, OR will ignore your step value and calculate it's own value that produces the max number of allowed steps.

To override the upper and lower bounds of the min/max box and define your own, you can manually define the them as part of the Step Value, by entering the step value in the following format.


For example, using "0|300000|20000" will start with 0 and increment to 300,000 in steps of 20,000.

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