This template is used to control the layout of the search result page, this is probably the most complex template file in OR, as the search results are dependent upon the listing field setup and configuration. Changes to the listing fields can affect the layout and data that appears within the search results templates.

The Search Results Template that will be used is determined via OR's Site Config: template tab. Any template file named 'search_result_NAME.html' (where "NAME" is a unique name) will be displayed as an extra available template for selection in Site Config for the search results page.

1. search_result_default.html - This is the default search result template. It has a number of tags available to it, see the search_result_template_tags page for details.

2. search_result_box.html - This is a tabled layout for the search results containing more fields and information in a nicely formatted table.

3. search_result_nophoto.html - This is a simple single line of listing information without any thumbnail photo displayed.

4. search_result_tabbed.html - This is a basic implementation of the tabbed javascript code into a search results template to show the basic design and requirements of using the tabbed code on the search results.

5. search_result_NAME.html - An optional custom search results template file created by the site developer where "NAME" is a unique name chosen to describe it.


5. search_results_class_CLASSID.html - If there is a template file present with this naming convention where the CLASSID is the class ID# of the property class being searched then this search results template will be used, overriding the selected search results template set in Site Config. This template will only be used if the search is queried against a single Property Class. If the search contains references to multiple Property Classes then the regular search results template set in Site Config will be used.

For example, if you have the following classes setup:

Residential = 1

Land = 2

Commercial = 3

Multifamily= 4

If you want different search results templates for each class above your templates would need to be created and named as follows:

search_results_class_1.html  (Residential)

search_results_class_2.html  (Land)

search_results_class_3.html  (Commercial)

search_results_class_4.html  (Multifamily)

Note:the CLASS ID#s for your specific OR install will not necessarily be contiguous (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4) if you have added or removed property classes there may be gaps in the ID#s.