The twitter API contains the API method for posting to twitter

Methods: twitter__

post($data) - Used to create a new property class.

post(array $data) : array

Returns: (array)

['error'] - TRUE/FALSE - Error status of the post attempt

['message'] - TEXT - The final posted message, or an error message if ['error'] is true.


$data (array)

Expects an array containing the following array keys:

$data['message'] - TEXT - This is a message 140 chars or less that you want to post to twitter.


       $result = $api->load_local_api('twitter__post', array(

               'message'=> 'A message of less than 140 characters'


       // format and output the contents of the $result array so the keys

       // and values can be seen.

       echo '<pre>';


       echo '</pre>';