The Image section of the media widget on the right of the page is where you would upload, modify or delete images for a user account. Clicking on an existing image will allow you to manage that image. Clicking on the "Upload a Picture" button will allow you to upload a new image.  You can re-order the photos by clicking in the upper right-hand corner and dragging each to the desired locations.

Upload a Picture - This button will be available if you have less than the maximum allowed images currently uploaded for your user account. The maximum user photo limit is set in Site Config. To upload a picture click on browse and select the photo you wish to upload from your local computer. Click submit and the image will be uploaded to OR. See the Image Upload Settings section of the Site Config for more information regarding uploads.

Edit Media popup window

This window displays details of the uploaded image and thumbnail. It also displays the thumbnail and the full size image.

Caption - The caption that will be displayed with the image.

Description - The description that will be displayed when viewing the image.

Delete - Clicking this will delete the corresponding image and it's thumbnail.

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