Open-Realty®  (often abbreviated as OR) is a web-based real estate listing management and lead generation content management system (CMS) that is designed to be very reliable and flexible as a framework for creating and managing a real estate website. Intended to be easy to setup and use, Open-Realty is developed using PHP and javascript, and utilizes mySQL database technology. A large international community employs web sites running Open-Realty on a daily basis. Ongoing development and refinement for Open-Realty is provided by Transparent Technologies, Inc. Since its release in 2003, Open-Realty remains the most popular, powerful, and most flexible choice available for building a professional real estate web site.

Transparent Technologies, Inc. maintains its position as an industry leader, providing mature and completely customizable real estate web site software solutions. Open-Realty offers easy installation, highly customizable display templates, virtual tour support, advanced search capabilities, and many other necessary and desirable end-user features. Open-Realty is also very extensible, utilizing a powerful developers' add-on system for achieving almost limitless customization and integration potential with third party apps and systems. Combine Open-Realty and its core features with well-proven commercial add-ons such as our IDXManager MLS listing import tool, TransparentRETS MLS listing import tool, and the TransparentMaps advanced Google maps add-on and you have all the tools necessary to build extremely competitive and professional real estate websites that exceed anything obtainable using a cookie-cutter, MLS "vendor" web site solution.