1. Extract the transparentmaps.zip file you received to your local PC and upload the transparentmaps folder contained within to your Open-Realty /addons directory. You should wind-up with something like:


    Do NOT rename the folder, it must remain named 'transparentmaps' exactly.


2. Access your Open-Realty administration area as the 'admin' user.

3. Click on the TransparentMaps Config icon.  

4. Enter your License Key. (Your license key will be contained in your product welcome email).

5. Click Continue.

If you make a mistake when entering the license key and receive a license error, do the following.

  • Go back to your Open-Realty main administration screen.
  • Look at the location bar in your web browser, you will see a URL something like: http://www.yourdomain.com/admin/index.php
  • Change the URL in the location bar by adding "?action=addon_transparentmaps_show_license_screen" after the index.php. (Do not include the quotes.)

Latitude & Longitude Fields

The installer automatically uses the Open-Realty fields that are set as Latitude: and Longitude: in OR's Site Config -> Listings tab.

Note: You MUST have both a Latitude and Longitude listing field setup in Open-Realty, and your listings must contain valid Latitude and Longitude values in order for TransparentMaps to function properly.