TransparentMaps uses various different colored marker icons (pins) to mark the locations of properties on the map.    

It also uses 5 colored markers (m1.png, m2.png, -> m5.png) for the optional Marker Clustering feature.

The color of icon used for property locations is determined by the numeric Open-Realty property class ID# for each listing displayed on the map. Located in the /addons/transparentmaps/icons folder are subfolders that contain sets of colored .png icon images. The numeric name of the images (1.png, 2.png, 3.png, etc..) in a marker icon set corresponds to the property class ID a listing belongs to. You can change the names of the icons if you wish so you can assign a specific color of icon to denote a specific property class.

Included marker pin icon sets:





If you prefer to use your own icons you can create and upload your own to a new folder beneath /addons/transparentrets/icons and then your set will be available to select and use in TMAPS. Custom icon sets must use the same numeric naming convention and must be PNG image files. Your icon sizes are configurable via the TMAPS General Map tab, however all of your icons must be the same size but they can be larger or smaller (width/height) than the default icon sizes. You must set the width and height of any icon set you choose from the Global Settings tab

NOTES: If your custom icon images are not named using a number corresponding to a property class ID# then no marker will be displayed for any property classes that do not have a corresponding image.

If you use Marker Clustering for any of your maps you must also include the five m1.png through m5.png marker clustering icons in your custom set, you can use your own Marker clustering icons, but they must be named m1.png through m5.png accordingly.

Special Marker Images

center.png    (Classic set example) Is a special marker used on the Area maps to distinguish the current listing being viewed from the listings found in the specified area, and for any maps that display only one listing, such as the Listing Map and Search Result Listing Map.