To ensure that you can actually complete all the steps in this guide, you need to make sure your hosting account's server settings are up to par.

First, make sure your web server/hosting account is configured using the following variables:


memory_limit 64M  (default is 8M)


Timeout 10000   (default is 300)


wait_timeout  28800   (this is default)

*The APACHE and mySQL settings can be reduced later after you know how long on average your daily import requires. The APACHE Timeout is not a PHP setting.

If you or your host cannot make the changes above for whatever reason, then you do not have a hosting environment suitable for operating TransparentRETS. You should stop now and obtain adequate hosting, otherwise you will waste a LOT of time requesting support and you will struggle constantly to maintain a reliable system.

Once you have verified or modified your server settings you are ready to Begin Configuration.