This will be very much the same as setting up the Residential class, but it will go faster.

[RETS Import Settings]

1) Select a class from the drop-down menu that has not yet been setup and click 'Select Class', the Class Settings tab can now be edited for this class. Change the Import Class: option to yes, and select the corresponding Open-Realty property class from the drop-down menu and save.

2) Click the [Field Map] tab.

Just like with Residential, there should only be a single button here Get Metadata from Server, click it.

You will see a list of fields all the Open-Realty fields should be showing as NOT MAPPED. click on the Automap existing fields button at the TOP of the list (not the bottom one).

After clicking the Automap existing fields button, a few seconds later the field list will return but this time most of the Open-Realty fields should not show as NOT MAPPED. Locate any Open-Realty fields on the list that are still set as NOT MAPPED and check the box to the far left of each. These fields were not not mapped by the last step automatically because they are specific or unique to this property class and don't already exist in Open-Realty.

Once you have located and checked any NOT MAPPED fields, click on the Automap Selected Fields button at the BOTTOM of the page. 

After a few seconds the page should refresh, and a bunch "Field added" messages should be present at the top. Take a moment to scroll down down through the list of fields, you want to make sure you did not miss anything and thare are no Open-Realty fields are still set as NOT MAPPED. If you did miss some, simply check those off and click the Automap Selected Fields button again.

3) Click the [Import Criteria] tab.

Just like for Residential, you need to select import criteria. Match exactly what you used for Residential and save.

4) Click the [Update Criteria] tab.

Set this up the same as you did for Residential. If you have a Listing Title: created for Residential, it may also be advantageous to add or use different fields specific to each class.

5) Repeat these steps 1-4 above for each remaining property class.

Once you have setup all your other classes, you are now ready to perform your Final Import