This guide is not a replacement for reading the TransparentRETS documentation!

This is a quick and dirty TransparentRETS configuration guide for the impatient. By following this guide you should be able to configure a working RETS import that requires the least amount of effort on your part. After doing this sort of of thing over and over for many years, we have documented for you what is in our opinion the fastest method of getting a RETS import configured, tested and working with the most available options.

Be prepared to spend a few hours on this in total, most of that time you will just spend waiting for the imports to complete. There are of course customizations that can and should be made to accommodate the specific MLS you are using and your client's needs or wishes, but this guide will serve to get you up running with the most options in the least amount of time.

You should refrain from acting on any urges to jump ahead or skip anything in this document. You should read this guide completely and follow all of the instructions in the order given, starting with this introduction, working your way down the table of contents on the left starting with Server Settings. If you start at the top and work your way down to the bottom of this guide, you should have a working RETS import when you are done.

You will begin by configuring and importing a single RETS property class (Residential) and once that is working you will then be able to configure the rest of the property classes very rapidly and import the rest of everything.

You can now move on to Server Settings: