Congratulations! If you followed all the instructions until this point, you are now ready to test your first import of DATA ONLY for the Residential class.

Trigger a TransparentRETS import with your browser using the following.

(replace with your actual web site address)

This could take a while to run depending on how many listings are in your Residential class. A trick to see what is happening whenever TransparentRETS is importing anything is to use a different browser or a different computer to view your Open-Realty activity log. As the add-on imports batches of listing data and etc, it also reports to the OR activity log. Once the data import is finished, you want to examine a couple of listings either from OR's front-end or from its [Edit Listings] menu option.

After you have verified completion of the data import above and everything looks O.K. you can now trigger the import of photos.

(replace with your actual web site address)

This part will probably require much longer than the data import to complete. Depending on how many listings there are in your Residential class, and how many photos per listing the MLS has available this could take from 30 min to several hours to finish.

Once the photo import is completed, you want to check a few listings again just to make sure you see photos. If all is good, you are ready to setup the rest of your RETS property classes.